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Strong Cash Buyers of Coins & Antiques

My Story                                                           

My name is Vic Baker and here is my story on how I came into buying coins and antiques

I grew up in hilly SW Pennsylvania it's where my family has always been from, as a child I was around farming & construction, we had always seemed to try to make things last, some of the equipment being outdated (or literally antique). Being around these items must have left an impression because our main focus today on finding old antique items comes from picking farms.

My wife and I got into dealing when we had first got engaged, we would and still do travel the east coast doing shows, once we had children we opened a store in Scottdale, Pa, sort of a place to call home. Coins have always been what we are known for but in the past few years we have been active in trying to find some of the best antiques that we can.

The greatest part of this business is the objects we get to save and great people we get to see, whether we are on the road, at shows, or in the shop, there's nothing better than getting to do something your passionate about.